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Friday, April 20, 2012

The best baby teether!

Sophie the Giraffe.  Absolute best baby teether/toy I've come across.  A friend of mine bought Sophie for her son and I thought she was cute.  I also thought she was a bit expensive for a single baby toy.  However, after seeing how much Sophie was used and loved, I realized how worth the money paid for her she was.  I wound up getting a Sophie of my own for my little girl.  And I have to say, she has been a constant in our household for almost 3 years.  Sophie started out as a teether, then served as an everyday toy, and is now our daughter's "lovey".  And I've seen many other toddlers out there with Sophies that are loved (and chewed) just as much as ours.  There are many different versions of Sophie out there - and she even has some friends (honestly, I can't tell what they are though - they look like an animal-mushroom to me...?!), so choose your Sophie wisely.  Every baby deserves a friend like Sophie!

*One of my all-time favorite baby shower gifts!

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