The Baby Gear You Need

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Was "Britax" Santa's 9th Reindeer? We think so!

What better Christmas gift for a young family than that of safety and peace of mind?  Add in a sale and free shipping and you've got yourself a happy holiday!

Amazon is still having a sale of up to $110 off select Britax Convertible Car Seats, plus FREE Super Saver Shipping!  Ho ho ho!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Alternative to Bed Rails for Toddlers

It's December 1st and in our house, a new month usually brings a new change.  This month, it's time to convert the ol' convertable crib into a toddler bed for our 23 month old.  She's now able to climb out of her crib on her own, even with the mattress set on the lowest setting and the railing up. 

When we initially bought this crib, I liked the idea of being able to convert it into a toddler bed and then eventually use it as the head and foot boards for a full sized bed.  What I didn't realize was converting it into a toddler bed essentially meant removing the front railing and that's it.  That's still pretty high off the ground.  And this means that our little monkey, who still moves around in her sleep A LOT, will only be protected from falling out on three sides of her bed.  She definitely needs a fourth, safe side. 

So I started researching bed rails.  Most bed rails are longer than we would need, as they are meant for a twin or larger sized bed.  Also, many of them specify that you need a mattress and a box spring for them to work properly - and her crib doesn't have a box spring.  Another concern was that these types of bed rails come with the warning of the possibility of your child getting caught in between the bed rail and the mattress.  Although, I think at this stage, I can't imagine Ashley getting stuck in such a predicament, it's not out of the question.  See monkey reference above. 

What I found - and can't wait to try - is called Magic Bumpers.  Basically, they are 5" high foam blocks that you place under your child's fitted mattress sheet.  They are low enough to allow your child to easily climb in and out of bed, but high enough to prevent them from falling out of bed!  Plus, they are cheaper than traditional bed rails!  Score!  The only drawback I've found is that it says that deep pocketed fitted sheets may accommodate Magic Bumpers better than regular sheets, so new sheets may be in our future. 

We're going to try them out within the next few weeks and get back to you with my personal review!