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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Forehead Thermometer

We recently spent the day at our pediatrician's office for our son's high temp and belly pain.  It turned out to be nothing serious, but we were so impressed with the speed and ease of the doctor's forehead thermometer, that we decided to buy one for ourselves.  And we LOVE it!!!!  It's the easiest thing to use and boy is it quick!  The one we bought doesn't even touch the patient's head.  You just scan it across your little babe's forehead and you instantly get an accurate reading.  The screen is a back-lit LCD screen, so you can even read it in the dark....which by the way, you can EASILY take a temp on a sleeping child.  No more under the tongue / in the armpit / in the ear / in the bottom / in the ear awkward and uncomfortable temperature takings!  Did I tell you how much I love it?!?!  It's the same thing our doctor uses in his office, so I trust it and know it's accurate and I don't have to worry about adding various degrees to get the true body temperature.  This is one thing I am so happy to have on hand for those crummy, feverish nights with the kids. 


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